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CakePHP Discuss Plugin

A forum / discussion board plugin for CakePHP. Uses existing Auth component and users table to create basic forums for your CakePHP application. The goal is to be able to drop the files into the plugins folder and instantly have basic forums functionality.

Status: Early Dev
Dependencies: CakePHP 1.2 install w/ Auth Component

Track this project on GitHub: http://github.com/techno-geek/cakephp-discuss. If you would like to participate in development please feel free to contact me and I will look into getting you commit access.

Upcoming Features:

  • Latest Post (Topic, Parent Post)
  • counterCache for Replies
  • Proper Input Validation
  • AJAXify Requests
  • Configuration System
  • Attractive default theme
  • Allow Unauthenticated users to browse / view
  • Advanced User Settings (signature, avatar (from Gravatar), etc.)


  • Copy code into your plugins directory in CakePHP
  • Import the SQL in database.sql into your database
  • Thats it! You can hit your forums at http://domain.example/discuss/discuss_categories
  • Feel free to add a route to route /discuss to /discuss/discuss_categories

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