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Raid for the Cure

This is probably one of the most captivating World of Warcraft non-official events I have ever heard of. I ask that you all please show your support! I plan on making a new character on their server and attending.

From Big Bear Butt (BBB)’s Blog:

On October 28th of 2009, Julie, a member of the World of Warcraft guild Sidhe Devils on Kael’thas (US), revealed to us that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Her first treatment is scheduled to begin on November 9th.

To show our support and love for Julie while she takes on this new challenge, her friends in Sidhe Devils are organizing an event within the game of World of Warcraft that we’re calling the Raid for the Cure.

What it is

On Kael’thas (US), a united cross-faction walk across Azeroth will be held on Saturday, November 14th, starting at 2:00 PM Central Time (Kael’thas-US server time).

Members of both Alliance and Horde factions are invited to attend. Pink Mageweave Shirts will be handed out for all walkers, and all levels of characters will be welcome. If you’d like, bring your own shirt, or even make it a formal affair with your Festive Pink Dress!

The walk across Azeroth will not be a race of individuals, it will be a group march to show Julie our love and support.

We do want to help spread the word, and encourage donations in a cheerful way to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity, an organization that promotes information and awareness on early detection and treatment of breast cancer, and that supports funding for treatment and research towards a cure.

For more details please read the full blog post.

Recent WoW Highlights


Leethacks got the Twilight drake! Won it with a 97 :)


We found an alliance who was leveling an alt in the same place we were. We killed his alt and he had his main parked at the same location. We’d kill his alt and then id stealth and the wife would run away and I’d watch his main frantically search for us like 5 minutes, give up, and then switch back. What happens when he switched back to his alt? You guessed it: came out of stealth and owned his alt again. We did this back and forth for quite some time. Little did he know, I had my main on his way at this same time (thanks to multi accounts). As you can see in the pic above, there is his mains dead body, right next to his alts! EPIC


Having fun on my level 60 sub rogue. Check out this combat text:

Gorgos has slain Smurpfy!
Gorgos’s Ambush hits Smurpfy for 27 Physical. (2664 Overkill) (Critical)
Smurpfy died.
Smurpfy’s Thorns reflects 3 Arcane damage to Gorgos.


My lock finally got a couple of nice pieces of loot. She also got her Doom guard after putting it off for ever.

Introducing Avalin, My third 80!


Over this past weekend we leveled up another set of 80s. This time it was a destro lock / resto druid combo. This is the first time I have had a DPS role in a very long time. As usual, I am having the same bad luck on drops and rolls, so it will be another one of those grinds. Avalin is a fire specced destruction lock. You can spit all of those statistics about afflication having higher sustained DPS all you want. I dont care. I like destro :P

Introducing Kymera, My second 80!


It finally happened once again! Our shaman/mage combo hit 80 and it is our second official set of level 80 characters. My new baby is a Dranei Resto shaman named Kymera! The picture says it all. Time for another heroic grind!

Northrend Questing: Alliance VS Horde

So my wife and I made it into Northrend this weekend on our Alliance characters. We did Northrend first on our Prot warrior / Holy priest combo. Already sitting at level 80 on our Horde combo, we started in Borean Tundra and completely skipped over the Howling Fjord. It was really enjoyable due to the fact that it was our first Northrend experience and we had a lot of fun. However, little did we know that the Alliance has it WAY better.  Our combo this time is a Resto Shaman / Frost mage. We entered NR at level 68  and just finished a complete 130 quest run of Howling Fjord and are now plowing through the Borean Tundra. So far I have had a lot more fun questing as Alliance than I did when I was horde.  There are a few factors that may have impacted this:

  1. The game didnt JUST come out. All the quest areas are not flooded with hundreds of people trying to quest
  2. We now have a DPS class that can quickly AOE burn mobs.
  3. We are more comfortable and familiar with Northrend zones.
  4. The Alliance quest content is just more fun – plain and simple.

We have just finished the Coldarra chains and have readied our Nexus quests for tomorrow. We are hoping to be leve 80 next Friday. I’ll try to update everyone when we hit 80 :)

The Gameplan:

  • Howling Fjord (68-71)
  • Borean Tundra (72-73)
  • Dragonblight (74-75)
  • Grizzly Hills (76)
  • Sholazar (77)
  • Storm Peaks (77-78.5)
  • Icecrown (78.5-80)

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